Media Sentiment Updates: Continued growth, alerts on Interactive Brokers, New Function for Twitter Sentiment

 SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 3, 2013 -- Media Sentiment, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MSEZ) announces the following business updates: statistics show continued growth, Interactive Brokers made the alerts available to their 230,000+ accounts on their platform, and Twitter Sentiment adds new functionality.

Internal reports show that continues to grow by indicating usage for the month of November 2013 of over 1 million page views while the overall usage time more than tripled. We continue to see growing interest even though our marketing efforts are minimal.

The prestigious broker Interactive Brokers has made's twitter sentiment alerts available on their platform. Interactive Brokers has recently reported to have over 230,000 accounts.  Now these traders and investors can take advantage of our highly valuable alerts in real-time. has added a new function which allows end users to search for the alerts of a particular stock symbol. Any existing feed can be customized to focus only on the specific stock symbols that the end user is interested in. has made the code for this customized newsfeed available so the end user can easily embed the stream into their web page or blog, receiving the alerts wherever they want to find them or making the alerts available to their readers.

We have also published a User’s Guide for the Twitter Sentiment function at’s Twitter Sentiment is free of charge for individuals to use.  It is also available as b-to-b.


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