Media Sentiment, Inc. to help bring more users to web sites. new functionality distributes alerts to twitter followers automatically

Media Sentiment, Inc. (Pinksheets: MSEZ) announced that it has implemented a new function to its social media product: entries into the channels can now be distributed to twitter followers automatically.

Marian Munz, MSEZ’s CEO commented:  “We are happy to add this new functionality that has the potential to increase the visibility and usage of web sites in virtually every domain (e.g., stocks, currencies, products, movies, politics, etc.).  Users can now create a channel in, embed that channel on a web site or blog, and then bring twitter clicks to that web site via the automatic alert distribution to twitter followers. This adds direct value which could be monetized.  We invite everyone to take advantage of this fantastic new opportunity that should incentivize users to open channels in”

In a recent interview for the American Society of News Editors, June 26, 2013, Dick Costello, Twitter’s CEO asserted that active Twitter users represent nearly 3% of the entire global population and one out of six Americans who are online.  Nearly two out of three journalists say that they tweet, distribute, or promote their work while more than half of journalists say they use Twitter in their reporting.

Users could start using the new function immediately, for free.

A user’s guide has been posted at:

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