Media Sentiment, Inc. (MSEZ) Targets Acquisition of Social Media Sentiment Technology

December 17, 2012

Media Sentiment, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MSEZ) is in the final stages of finalizing the acquisition of a new asset, the social media sentiment curatorial technology of

ROI research reported recently that nearly one third of social network posts on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest consist of links to articles. For instance, mentioned that 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every month.

Marian Munz, MSEZ's CEO, said, "Social media technologies have shown that there is a trend coming from the individual participation in the creation and sharing of vital news and information. We believe that there is a great opportunity to tap into that trend and to target the creation of a comprehensive source that aggregates the material news that moves the values of stock prices, currencies, product sales, movie sales, political campaigns, social issues and more."

"There is no question that in today's market, a piece of news coming out of Europe or Asia could affect the stock markets not only in the USA but also around the world. We want to provide a platform for people around the world to give their friends and followers a heads up by sharing that material piece of news that is available publicly, in a timely manner," added Munz.

Media Sentiment plans to start work on integrating the alongside the technology into the Media Sentiment set of tools.

Media Sentiment believes that the new social networking technology has the potential to provide an opportunity to knowledge-savvy individuals to curate news and information that potentially carries material impact, in a win-win model so every participant has a chance to profit.

While the initial focus will be on the information that impacts the American stock markets, the technology will likely be used for other securities, stock markets around the world, other markets such as currencies, politics, movies, social issues, local or national or international events, products, services and more.

The company's notable results this year include re-starting reporting on the OTC Markets, the acquisition of the technology, reduction of debt to the point that it has turned a positive impact on the bottom line and now the upcoming acquisition of the technology.

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