Media Sentiment, Inc. (MSEZ) Closes Acquisition of Social Media Video Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 18, 2012 - Media Sentiment, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MSEZ) is pleased to report that it has closed the transaction to acquire a new asset, the technology of

Marian Munz, MSEZ' CEO, said, "Social media technologies have been acquisition targets at top valuations lately. Two of the most talked about examples are the $1.2 billion acquisition of Yammer by Microsoft in June and the $730 million acquisition of Instagram by Facebook in April of this year.  These acquisitions are strong indications that social media technologies are seen as very valuable assets even to the big players in the technology industry."

Media Sentiment plans to make use of its trademark assets to create one of the most comprehensive video links databases in the world, by allowing users worldwide to aggregate videos that have material importance over the value of equities, currencies, products, movies, political campaigns and more. Media Sentiment sees a day when it could offer very specialized video channels. For instance, if an investor is interested in following material news that could move the Apple Inc. stock he/she may find a video channel focusing on aggregating Apple Inc. video news that have material impact, brought from a multitude of video news sources from around the world wide web.

Currently, there is no other such service on the market that could easily indicate a potential stock move via a thumbs up or thumbs down alert for a particular stock price. To have access to this type of information, users would need to spend time and effort to search for news clips and to understand the potential material impact the news may carry within the video.

The technology behind allows users to easily capture the code of video clips from news sources that allow their code to be embedded into other web sites. Users enter the stock symbol or market along with text indicating the important news elements, and rate the sentiment with an easy to understand thumbs up or thumbs down symbol.

Once the new video is posted, the followers in the social network receive the thumbs up or thumb down alert along with the video clip automatically. As the videocourier technology allows the social network participants to follow each other's channels, this has the potential to grow into an invaluable source for video news regarding the stocks which investors and traders are interested in. It could work like a personalized video channel that updates automatically with the most current and pertinent video clips from around the world.


The importance of the 'follow' functionality that allows users to share information with large groups of people has been highlighted recently by LinkedIn's decision to add such functionality to its social network.

More, the videocourier technology allows users to easily grow the viewership of the channel, by automatically creating code for each channel, code which users could easily embed into any number of web sites and blogs anywhere on the internet.


Media Sentiment plans to create interfaces to the top existing social networks to allow for rapid growth, dissemination and integration of the material news into these networks.

More details regarding the business plans regarding this new technology will follow on a timely basis.

As indicated, the company will continue its search for additional acquisition candidates.


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