PTSH channel

Click on Read more below to see an example of how a company uses the A Heads Up channel effectively.




After opening a channel in at PTSH has published the code on its web site under the News Feed page.

Immediate Benefits:

 Instant distribution to 4 different location with one post:

Every time PTSH posts an alert on its a heads up channel, the alert will appear automatically on:

a. the company's News Feed page;

b. on its heads up channel page

c. on the usequities channel page (as a result of the usequities channel following the PTSH channel)

d. on page - as a result of the usequities channel being posted on that home page.

PTSH has started to create a powerful distribution channel for its news alerts - the more websites post the code for the PTSH channel the more visibility will increase and over time, PTSH will build a powerful asset.


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