Benefits for Investor Relations


Social Media channels to distribute & communicate

            material news in a fast and convenient way   FREE


thumbup-headsup.gif Start benefiting from the new SEC rule that allows companies to communicate news via social networks by giving your investors a heads up on the good material news now!

Benefits – for Investor Relations

and Stock Newsletters

  1. thumbup-headsup.gif  Open an unlimited number of channels in free and will stay free for some time. Even if/when that changed we would find a win-win solution where everyone makes a profit.

     2.  thumbup-headsup.gif  Start getting followers and creating an audience right off the bat.

     3.  thumbup-headsup.gif  Receive contact information for all followers to your channel(s).

     4.  thumbup-headsup.gif  Create your own broadcasting network fast and easy. provides embed code for the channels so they could be very easily distributed to blogs, web sites and any web page in the world. The growth possibilities of your audience are enormous.

     5.  thumbup-headsup.gif  Create a powerful audience that continues to grow, an asset that you could use over and over.

     6.  thumbup-headsup.gif  Send alerts to your investor base and your audience so they could receive them in real time. These alerts represent your opinion on the value of the news, but the audience can click and see the original news item and make their own opinion as well.

     7.  thumbup-headsup.gif  Use more news items that could impact the value of a company. Traditionally, public companies announce only their press releases to their investors via wire services. With you could announce positive news coming from a significant number of other sources such as: positive news for your market segment, from your target users, from competitors, suppliers, analysts etc.

      8. thumbup-headsup.gif  Communicate the value of the news so the investors can grasp it rapidly with a thumb up or a thumb down image. Based on our eight years of experience, often times the symbol and a thumb are all investors are looking for to make rapid decisions.

      9. thumbup-headsup.gif is offering to follow your channel(s) as soon as it becomes active and that will give exposure to more than 10k unique monthly traders visiting our web sites.

     10.thumbup-headsup.gif  Benefit from the continuous expansion of the distribution network.