Who We Are


Strictly speaking, we created the media sentiment field in 2001 and registered the media sentiment trademark in 2006. In 2013, we are shaping a new field for social media sentiment so news and information that affects value is shared ​in real- time.



There is a huge need for a resource
that helps people to locate the
news and information that affects value,
in a timely manner.

1. Why are we here in the first place?
We believe that there exists news or information that has a material impact on our day
to day lives. Today that news exists online. We've made it our mission to find it, to mark
it as materially valuable and to deliver it to the people who may be impacted by it.
Our mission: to create the most comprehensive resource for news and information that
have value.

2. What does the world need most that we are uniquely able to provide?
A trader in the stock markets must find the piece of information that affects the
valuation of a stock in a timely manner. We have provided heads up alerts since 2005
with outstanding results.
We intend to take that expertise to the next level, to other markets, to other industries,
globally and to empower people everywhere to locate opportunities.​
Our promise: we will be doing our best to give you a heads up, to bring you the most
valuable thumbs up and thumbs down alerts possible!

3. What are we willing to sacrifice?
We have developed a piece of software that can determine the sentiment of a piece of
news or information and alerts users of its potential material impact.
We are now opening up a social network that we believe has the potential to shape a
new landscape for online news and information by creating a comprehensive data
source where people aggregate and rate news and information that matters - news and
information that could have material impact on our daily lives.
Our focus: the most valuable news and information.

4. What matters more than money?
Online news and information come in abundance, in many forms and shapes. Finding
the piece of news and information that matters, in a timely manner, takes time and
Therefore, enabling people from around the world to find, rate, share and
distribute valuable information is of outmost importance to us.
Our goal: to give a heads up that helps people to better manage their affairs.

5. Are we all on this mission together?
We are releasing aheadsup.com, a social network technology that focuses on valuable
news and information, and we are making this resource available to users worldwide.
Working together, we can make this big and bigger for the benefit of the many.
Our direction: Let's move this forward - together!

(Inspired by Warren Berger's Co.Design article: Forget the Mission Statement. What's Your Mission Question?)